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Monday, January 15, 2007

Give Peace a Chance

It's been real interesting these last few months to sit back and watch folks banter around with one another on all the blogs and see just how nice, or nasty, you all want to be with each other. This blog has been particularly interesting when there has been no "mediator" (administrator) jumping in trying to 'control' the crazies, the malcontents, or the subject matter...or anything else.
It's actually been quite surprising that many folks and other blogs have demonstrated that they are indeed capable of showing a little respect during discussions, and making actual attempts at compatibility, or at least recognizing some commonality, proving that disagreements can occur without blatant disrespect.
I suppose there will always be those certain individuals that get their kicks out of being asinine jerks, it's just a darn shame that there's that one particular blog among the array of New Albany blogs that has no hesitance to being viscous, confrontational, and downright nasty to anyone who happens to get caught in their 'radar' for one reason or another.
Still, that's the prerogative of the administrators of that blog. If that's the kind of blog they want, they have the right to have it.
What's NOT O.K. is that they keep bringing all that nastiness, confrontations, and questionable "FaCTS" over to SOLNA because they will not deal with "comments" on their own blog, or because they perversely believe they can remain anonymous commenting on the blog that allows anonymity.
The truth is, most folks are absolutely identifiable... by their topics, their targets, and their writing style. Grammar, spelling and sentence construction make some commentor's identity completely unmistakable.
It is exactly those unmistakables that I wish to address in this posting today. Frankly, we're all disgusted with it. Most certainly, we're all tired of reading it, and we've had enough of this "element" using this blog to spread false allegations, to attack innocent people with baseless accusations, and to berate folks with vulgar language and hateful venomous spewing.
So, here's what's going to happen:
FOS, keep it on your own blog! Open up comments if want to air your opinions.
This blog, SOLNA, is going into semi-retirement. Comments will be moderated until further notice. Article postings will be infrequent, but will still occur.
As has been evident lately, my life circumstances dictate that I take a sabbatical from this blogging endeavor due to work and family obligations.
Election time is coming, and things are about to turn very political. As always, we don't discuss political campaigns on this blog, so I feel it's time to turn our collective attention to the "Floyd County Democrat" blog where discussions have been on target, on topic, and on a civil and mature level.
I think I'll much prefer being a participant rather than an administrator for a while. I have a lot to learn regarding the history of some of the folks I hear are going to be running. My stance is that one can't really understand where we are as a community, and as a city, unless one understands how we got to here. Only by understanding fully where we are, will we be able to intelligently make a decision about where we need to go. Hopefully, there will be candidates advocating the same direction.
As for my words here tonight, well, I'm sure I'll wind up in the #1 slot of the sh**-list for a few, I know I've done the right thing for myself and for the issues that are in the forefront for New Albany at this time.
My deepest gratitude to my friends who have helped out with SOLNA and thanks to everyone who has participated.
Good night & good luck New Albany!

We Shall Be Back

We'll be back once the .... go back under the rocks. Sure has been interesting to see what some people in New Albany can call everyone behind their backs; the backbiting you could say. Have a good day New Albany.

We all know who, what and hopefully most of us will never reach the mind set of understanding why....

Open up your own blog for comments. Have a good day finding somewhere else to spew your venom. Later...gone, but not for good.