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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Report From the New Albany Potty Police

We want to extend a huge THANK YOU to the New Albany Potty Police (NAPP)for being the pro-active citizen advocates they are, Thank you for giving so much of your time and energy, and for being so diligent in your quest for truth and answers.
At the end of this article, folks will find contact information for the EPA official who is overseeing New Albany's problems and handling submitted reports.
If you live in one of the areas that have experiened repeated sewage overflows for years upon years, we think you might appreciate having this information.

New Albany Potty Police Member said...
Speaking of when it rain, it pours...we have some of the stats in from our September 22nd & September 23rd rainfall and how well our Sewers worked.

The City reports 18 sewer system overflows (though the State reports 19), and maintain they did not bypass. The City is declaring this a 42 hour rain even with a total of 6.23".

The City is also maintaining there were no SSO's on the 22nd; we would beg to disagree. The City maintains the overflows did not happen until 9:51 am on the 23rd.

The City maintains Joe Kraft Park didn't have any SSO's. The Engineer questioned how that could be, seeing it was under water by 11:00 pm on the 22nd? "Well, we walked back in there and didn't see any residue." The Engineer was sure any such residue would have washed away.

The other locations were 3 at the Robert E. Lee; 3 on Cherry Valley (underwater by 11:00 pm the 22nd); Linda Drive Area in mini-basin 18. Basin 16 was overwhelmed, which would be the Korb and Sanderson area. Basin 12, which we are assuming would be Cummins and the Lewis Street areas; the Meiers and the I-265 areas; and Arnie's (that's how they refer to the manhole out in the middle of the street). We could have sworn they said they fixed Arnie's, though.

The Old Ford area, where again, not a lot of specifics, but mentioned how a 12 inch line ran into a 6 inch line which ran into a 8 inch line which ran into a 15 inch line which then runs into a 10 inch line. Whew, doggies. Sure hope we got all of that one right.

Up in Silver Hills and the people down on Corydon Pike -- there was totally black sewage running down towards Corydon Pike from between 1705 and 1707 Woodland Rd up behind you. They are maintaining a line completely broke.

Another issue we have with the "reporting" going on is the "guesstimation" there was only 32,520 GPD leaking out during this time frame. State records.

Also, at E 6th and Elm, sewer board says it a storm drain -- is it?

The Engineers weren't buying the Clark-Deitz's "engineering study" done so more houses could be built out the Green Valley/Daisy Lane area. Mr. Fifer (you could hardly hear him) actually admitted he might have a conflict of interest with this subject. Anyways, it was ordered sent to the EPA for their scrutiny. Thank you Mr. Solomon and Mr. Utz.

The missing EDIT monies we were after last YEAR was brought to the floor by the Engineers, this time -- not us. The Mayor told them to go get it from the Council. The Sewer Board misspent the monies and now they want more? Help.

You know there has to be a lot more, but we are tired so to all a goodnight. Thanks for the space, EastEnder.

12:37 AM, October 05, 2006

EPA Associate Regional Council - Erik Olsen 318-886-6829
(Pictures are welcomed) 77 West Jackson Road
Chicago, IL 60604

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pardon the Interruption

We are editing the latest posting with some additional information, and it will be re-posted with a couple of changes.
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