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Sunday, January 01, 2006



Especially our friends and neighbors of New Albany, who have endured a difficult 2005. We welcome 2006, and the chance to make positive changes.
Let's all resolve to make our community a better place to live, work, play, and most importantly...to raise our families and leave the future with a better way of life than we have known.

Just Remember....

"Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk"
--- Dalai Lama


  • Happy New Years!

    It should be an exciting Year..
    Keep preaching to the choir cause people are reading SPOLNA.

    You are making a difference.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:53 AM, January 01, 2006  

  • Happy New Year everyone, cute as hell posting eastender. Also, "Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:14 PM, January 01, 2006  


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:42 PM, January 01, 2006  

  • Happy New Year, Laura from ours to yours...! Keep your faith, and hang in there. We luv ya!

    By Anonymous An Anonymous One, at 5:11 PM, January 01, 2006  

  • Thank you everyone!
    We still have questions regarding the Sanitation contract, and the "new" company that was formed to take the contract.
    We will be putting up a new posting tomorrow about the details that are still unknown.
    How are they going to use the City's office's so folks can still call the same number?
    Will our "skeleton" crew, that was kept to service the largest losing account of sanitation, the Housing Authority, be working along side the private company in the same offices?
    Will the private company pay rent?
    Who's going to pay the receptionist taking the calls?
    What about the utilities?
    What about OUR trucks?
    Yes, many questions have been left unanswered. We intend to get them answered.
    Finally, why, and how, does Randy have a copy of the contract on his blog site when no Council Person I've talked with has a copy?

    By Blogger East Ender, at 7:22 PM, January 01, 2006  

  • Maybe just maybe Randy approachs people with a little less angst in his heart.

    Or better still, maybe the councilmen find some people so abrasive that they would rather not share with them.

    Just a thought.

    Happy 2006 All!

    By Blogger Highwayman, at 7:59 PM, January 01, 2006  

  • Highwayman -
    "...a little less angst in his heart." ?! Give me a break!
    This has NOTHING to do with what's in his "heart".
    Maybe, just maybe, the Council Members should have recieved this contract before ANY member of the public did.
    Then again, maybe Randy isn't just a member of the public.
    Why is it Randy gets a call from the Clerks office every time the Council Members do?
    Maybe, Randy is our new Assistant Mayor, since we haven't seen, nor heard, ANYTHING out of T. Toran lately.
    Let me guess...
    Randy was in on the negotiations?
    Maybe he's one of the partners?
    Who knows?
    Garner knows.

    By Blogger East Ender, at 9:31 PM, January 01, 2006  

  • Garner's got to have at least one person who can be quoted as saying how great he is for Tribune articles.

    So far, they've only been able to dig up Randy, who's trotted out for a comment each time.

    His last one was a hoot. Didn't Randy say it was Garner's character that impresses him? Wonder if Garner's landlords are as impressed?

    By Anonymous the company they keep, at 6:41 AM, January 02, 2006  

  • have any of the council people gone and ASKED for a copy of the contract or have they just said they don't have one.

    Laura, have you made the effort to get a copy?

    Funny how when Randy cares enough about New Albany to be doing something and being proactive, he is berated for it and surely must be "in with someone".Yet that seems to be Laura's goal but noone will take her up on it.

    With regards for the quotes. Randy lives and works (12 hours a day 6 days a week) in New Albany so it seems to me that he is probably pretty reachable, and the main reason they use him. This is a problem with the newspaper not Randy. Laziness and poor effort, but that's what the Tribune and Indiana section of the COurier-Journal are known for right?

    By Blogger ceece, at 9:56 AM, January 02, 2006  

  • Why don't u call and ask a Council member? Curious.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:35 PM, January 02, 2006  

  • Sorry, I forgot Council still has to vote on this issue, and there is no communication between this Mayor and the City Council.

    I seem to have also forgotten Mr. Smith is now our Assistant Mayor, with Mr. Toran fading more and more into the background. Wait a minute, that's the rumour mill working.

    We are anxiously awaiting Council's response to the Mayor's blog sight showing a contract they still have to vote for on the 9th. Seems I remember some of them "hating" blogs. This ought to be interesting, to say the least. Talk about "Rumpkegate". Okay....

    Hang in there Council. You'll find out what's going on one way or another, right?
    And these are my opinions.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:17 PM, January 02, 2006  

  • Hey ceece, why don't you make an effort to get a copy. You seem to like challenges.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:06 PM, January 02, 2006  

  • ceece, I'd like to know what they have offered you to be one of there "good ole boys"(OOPPS,girl)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:10 PM, January 02, 2006  

  • anonymous(s) in the 2 o'clock hour.

    THanks for the challenge but I've got plenty to do on my own. Besides Randy posted a copy on his website remember?

    since the "good ole boys" club was exactly what the "progressives" are supposed to be against then I doubt they have their own. also isn't "the progressives having a good ole boys club" like an oxymoron?

    If you care to do any research then you will find that when I first started to get involved in New Albany politics I was a huge supporter of this site, however based on more research and an overall evaluation of what is best for this city, I changed some of my ideas.

    As I have expressed to Laura several times, every now and then I agree with some things that get said on here. Also keep in mind that I do NOT agree with everything that NAC has to say.

    I like to think that I can make decisions for myself so with regards to the alleged offering from baylor et all, nothing of the like exists.

    I also think that Mr. Smith would be flattered that so many of you think he has a large amount of power.

    Happy New Year.

    By Blogger ceece, at 4:13 PM, January 02, 2006  

  • Ceece -
    Just to clear up some things, let me make a couple of points.
    First of all, the Mayor professes to NEVER read the blogs, much less provide a copy of a City contract to one that, oh yes, happens to be run by his new "advisor"(?), and constant media supporter.
    Another tall tale told by Garner. He not only reads the blogs, but he is now utilizing Randy's to put out information before Council Members even get it.
    In fact, this blog has been copied, taken into committee meetings, and used to confront Council members.
    Don't you think there's something not quite right about that?
    If you don't, then I would have to say that indeed, you are too young and naive to really understand what's going on around you politically.
    Finally, to say you began as a huge supporter of this site is just outright misleading to our readers.
    In fact, in your personal e-mail to me, you noted that you have NEVER aligned yourself with one particular blog or another, but rather insisted that to do so would be foolish. Based of course on your assertion that no one is ever right 100% of the time, and taking into account different points of view is always the most intelligent course.
    I agree.
    Finally, the "good 'ol boy" system is exactly what we have in place in New Albany right now, and it is obvious that the R&R boys (progressives if you like), are enthusiastic supporters.
    So, how can you assert that an oxymoron exists in this instance?
    I suggest you do more quality research, and if you are indeed a "neutral" reader of all blogs, you may want to change your tone a bit.
    You just come off as very confrontational, and always in defense of the "other" blogs, even though you admit that Roger often takes his "satire" too far.
    Which way is it Ceece?
    I must admit, I just can't figure you out.
    Actually, I don't think you've figured it out yet.
    Keep reading, and try attending a few Council meetings. You just might learn a thing or three.
    No hard feelings, just simple advise.
    Best wishes for the New Year.

    By Blogger East Ender, at 4:54 PM, January 02, 2006  

  • laura I have sent several emails your way asking that we meet and perhaps have a meeting of the minds, yet not once have you responded to my emails. You must have received my email as you are so freely quoting it in your last post. Why not meet with me, and if I am so naive, at least you will know for sure, and you have done a fair assesment to my nature. Keep in mind I have made this same offer to OlderNewALbanian and others on this blog, but yet to be taken up on it. Am I that scary?

    You are right. I haven't figured it all out yet, I don't think anyone has or the city would be in much better shape, and as I have said several times before, I am here to learn.

    Oh i was a big supporter of this blog in the beginning, yet when I started to ask questions regarding to actions and steps to be taken to improve things I was told repeatedly (that being if I was even answered at all) that there was a "plan" everyone is just waiting for the right time.

    Yet there has been very rare instances where something has been proven.

    No I was unaware that copies of this blog had been taken to council meetings. What council meeting? What was said? Who was being accused of what?

    I never said that the mayor did or didn't read the blogs. What would it matter to me if he did?

    I just spoke with Randy to ask him how he got a copy of the agreement and you know what he said?

    OK get ready, because here comes the big secret and his mysterious ways of getting things....

    He CALLED the mayors office!

    Well, I'll be a monkeys uncle. How come others didn't think of that?

    Laura, don't worry, one of my resolutions in 2006 is to attend council meetings with regularity, this way if all the conspiracy that you say actually is going on, then you can be hailed a hero by me.

    When I see something that I think should be positivly commented on, I do. I comment more on Roger's site merely because he updates with regularity and because he devotes posts to other things then the demise of the city, like cleaning up street spam, or the progress of local eateries and other business's etc.

    No hard feelings Laura and the opportunity to meet so you can prove me wrong still stands.

    Happy New Year to you as well.

    By Blogger ceece, at 9:55 PM, January 02, 2006  

  • Ceece-
    I don't remember you ever asking to MEET with me.
    You are not "scary" (although the picture was a bit disconcerting), but we all have many demands on our time, as you yourself have noted.
    Let's see if I can handle this quickly.
    1.Proof is inherent in the problems
    2.I never said Council Meetings
    3.The Mayor said it
    4.Not a call, he was there in person
    5.Welcome to Council. Hope you learn
    6.Comment wherever you like
    7.Our purpose and process is different than Roger's. OK?
    That's all.

    By Blogger East Ender, at 12:53 AM, January 03, 2006  

  • Isn't it interesting O cut out the Waste Transfer Station, but we are getting one on Monon? Remember how citizens spoke at the podium and said if you could cut those out, blah, blah, blah (I'm know that's what some heard).

    For Historical Data, here goes:

    For a transfer station, these are the numbers frm 98 thru projections from 01 to 04:

    (Historical data) 98 - $108,471; 99 - $204,147; 00 - $210,037; (Projected): 01 - $210,000; 02 - $0; 03 - $0; 04 - $0.

    Now, wasn't some of that exhorbitant amount of debt based, what I saw, on the waste transfer station? If we cut that amount out, that alone could have floated Sanitation for awhile to see if their plan succeeded?

    How could we have spent those kinds of monies, though, if they were budgeted, Mayor, when you came in? What a can of worms.
    Questions and more questions.

    By Anonymous $$$$$$$$$, at 1:27 AM, January 03, 2006  

  • P.S. Correction there, IF THEY WERE NOT BUDGETED. Sorry for the confusion.

    By Anonymous $$$$$$$, at 1:29 AM, January 03, 2006  

  • $$$$$$$$$-
    Interesting historical data.
    Thanks for pulling out the data and letting us know where this whole thing started from.
    That's a lot of money, huh?
    So many things in that contract, posted on Randy's blog, that just jump out at first reading.
    How could they have missed them?
    What last minute editing was done that did not turn up the "typo" of the contractor getting paid twice monthly?
    Why are business pick ups not addressed? Only 12,000 residential?
    Too many questions for now.
    Let's see him talk his way out of this one. ha ha ha ha!
    He can talk all he wants, this contract, and the way it was done, just isn't right in so many ways.
    Guess we'll see soon.

    By Blogger East Ender, at 2:26 AM, January 03, 2006  

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